Maitland® Approach

The Maitland® Approach is a diagnostic technique considered a cornerstone of modern day Orthopedic Manual Therapy for treatment of both Spinal and Peripheral conditions, and uses primarily the assessment and treatment of the patient's signs and symptoms to develop an effective treatment plan. Dr.Alex uses the Maitland® Approach alongside McKenzie MDT®, to arrive at the best treatment solution that is personalized for you.

What makes the Maitland® Concept special is the combination of the individual and specific treatment of the patient (both initial and ongoing) with the therapist’s clinical experience and the latest scientific findings. In addition to joint mobilization and manipulation of the extremities and spine, the concept makes use of neurodynamic techniques, muscle stretching, stabilizing exercises and specifically adapted exercises the patient can do at home.

The examination will take specific account of your problem, especially with regard to its intensity. Treatment always begins by carrying out a comprehensive survey of your day-to-day ailments. Your description of the problem is very important to us. A precise physical examination is then conducted to determine the reason for your problems. Examination of a shoulder problem might also lead to an examination of your cervical spine, ribs and thoracic spine.

The Maitland® Approach is excellent for diagnosing:

  • back and disc complaints
  • neck and cervical spine problems
  • arthritis e.g. in the hip, knee or spine
  • facial pain, headaches and mandibular problems
  • nerve irritation such as hands “falling asleep”, sciatica
  • knee pain, e.g. as a result of a ligament injury or meniscus damage
  • elbow problems, such as tennis elbow
  • complaints relating to the hand, e.g. as a result of a fracture or carpal tunnel syndrome
  • foot problems, e.g. following a torn ligament

Dr.Alex will determine the best route of diagnosis and treatment personalized for you, and Maitland® is one of the tools we use to diagnose and treat you.