About Us


Originally founded in 2019 by Dr. Aleksandr Velednitskiy (Alex), REBUILD Physical Therapy & Wellness has been focusing on the treatment of spinal dysfunction and orthopedic conditions, with a special emphasis on serving blue-collar workers. Understanding the unique physical demands and challenges faced by individuals in physically demanding occupations, we have tailored our approach to address their specific needs.

Our comprehensive treatment approach combines manual therapy techniques, advanced neuromuscular rehabilitation, movement pattern analysis, and consideration of the psychological component to injury, health, and wellness. We have developed a deep appreciation for the work performed by blue-collar workers and have honed our expertise in providing specialized rehabilitation and wellness services that aim to alleviate their occupational pain and enhance their overall well-being.

At REBUILD, our philosophy of treatment goes beyond the clinic walls. We prioritize building connections with the patients' medical team and have longstanding and respected relationships with Bayonne's medical community. This allows us to create a family and team atmosphere of acceptance, motivation, and encouragement, where every patient, including blue-collar workers, can be successful.

Our unique concierge service approach ensures that we manage all aspects of a patient's care, paying close attention to the specific needs of blue-collar workers. By taking a patient-focused approach, we prioritize their success and treatment as our number one priority. Through collaborative efforts, we develop personalized care plans that address the occupational requirements and challenges faced by blue-collar workers, helping them overcome pain, improve function, and achieve optimal well-being


After earning his Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in Nutrition from Brooklyn CUNY College, Dr. Alex proceeded to pursue a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy at Long Island University in New York. Following his graduation, he spent the initial three years at a local teaching hospital, refining his skills under the guidance of experienced therapists and physicians.

With over 14 years of experience, Dr. Alex has worked in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, homecare, and outpatient practices. Throughout his career, he has taken on roles such as staff clinician, director, clinical instructor, guest lecturer, and expert consultant, demonstrating his commitment to delivering high-quality care to his patients. Dr. Alex possesses a deep understanding of the impact of sports on the musculoskeletal system and the occurrence of sports-related injuries. His firsthand experience includes completing numerous Triathlons, including three Half Ironman races. He excels in manual therapy and utilizes joint mobilization techniques, with a particular focus on treating spine pathologies. Moreover, he holds a certification as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist from the National Sports and Conditioning Association. Currently, Dr. Alex is actively pursuing advanced certifications in manual therapeutic techniques for the spine.

During his leisure time, Dr. Alex embraces his roles as a husband and a father. He is also an enthusiastic practitioner of the Wim Hof Method and enjoys reading books on health and wellness. Furthermore, he dedicates time to practicing yoga and training for triathlons.